Available Services

We offer 3 different services for you to choose from. In person training and nutrition, online training and nutrition, and online nutrition only.

All 3 services include:

- Our app for training plans, nutrition data, linking tracking devices, communication, etc. 

- Weekly check ins via video responses

- In app Smart Meal Planner for recipes that match your macros

- Occasional Zoom group trainings with our whole team

- Client only Facebook group

In Person Training & Nutrition Coaching with Coach Kristin:  All of the above plus 60 minute sessions at Training Camp (1504 Elm Hill Pike in Nashville) serving all of Nashville, Donelson, and Hermitage, Tennessee.

Online Training & Nutrition Coaching with Coach Alli:  All on the above list plus monthly 15 minute Zoom calls as needed.

Online Nutrition Coaching Only:  All on the above list but strength training is a requirement to work with Coach Kristin or Coach Alli. This means that you have an in person coach/trainer at your gym or you are following some other structured strength training program. If you do not have a way to follow a structured program, please choose "Online Training & Nutrition Coaching" as your option so that we will do your training plans for you.

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Workout programming subscriptions!

Are you not ready to commit to full on coaching? You can get all of the benefits of professionally designed programming in our custom app with training plan subscriptions! Stay tuned for the launch announcement!

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